Silent Castle Mod APK 1.04.023 (Unlimited Money)

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A game of strategy and entertainment like Silent Castle Mod APK requires players to think critically and show leadership. Silent Castle Mod APK is an action game where you control the destiny of numerous characters.

The wicked Reaper of Souls, who is concealed in several areas, must be escaped by you and a few additional partners. Players can therefore refer to them as their partners because they are all motivated by the desire to live life to the fullest.

Furthermore, in Silent Castle Mod APK game, you must create your strategy and place of your character from ghosts. This game is for 18 plus because of the scary images in the game.

You must run into the room and close the door while the ghost comes on you in the game. You have to survive the ghost. He will try to break your room’s door, but you have to lock your room tightly and have to wait while your time is complete to complete the level.

After that, you have to take sleep. You will win Silent Castle Mod APK game if you complete your sleeping and the ghost still cannot cross the door. After that, you will get many of the coins, money, and gems as well.

Silent Castle Mod APK Gameplay

In Silent Castle Premium APK, you will see many of the rooms. At first, you will start your game by standing in the corridor. If the red alert countdown begins, you must run, looking for a space.

Moreover, if your see in a room another person is already present and the bed is not empty for you, do not waste your time. You have to run quickly and have to look for an open room where you can survive from ghosts.

From the earned rewards, you can unlock many of your others playing characters in many of your levels and can upgrade your running speed also. You can run quickly to the room and make the door more secure with your faster speed.

silent castle online

In Silent Castle Mod APK game mod feature provides you with many of the free features in the game. You can unlock all your characters using these free features and get unlimited gems. Furthermore, you can complete all of your mission given in the game and can enjoy the Silent Castle Mod APK game. You can also Download Bubble Shooter Mod APK from our Site as well.

Silent Castle MOD APK Features

Unlimited Money

You require money to buy weapons and upgrade the look of your character. In the APK Latest version, you have to win levels to earn money gradually. This process is quite slow and exhausting sometimes.

However, in the mod version of Silent Castle Mod APK game, you have access to unlimited money. So, you do not have to win levels to earn money. You already have unlimited access to it, so just use it the way you want.

Unlimited Blood

The life of your character is the most important asset you have. Life gets shortened as your character loses its blood. As soon as your character loses all its blood, it will die. So in the mod version, you have access to unlimited blood in Silent Castle Mod APK.

Unlock All Characters

You will have more choices after you unlock different characters. You can use several characters for various duties like constructing an impenetrable defense and gathering gold. You will have a better chance of keeping the bad guys out of your fortress if you do it this way.

Variety of Modes

You will assume the role of a prepared test subject or Reaper while playing the game. Every role played in the Silent Castle Mod APK game is beneficial. Therefore, giving each game option a try is a fantastic idea. Remember that each role has a mission you must complete on time.

To make the necessary development, you must have enough time to conceal before the Soul Reaper awakens. Make every attempt to vanquish the stubborn foes in the other. Finishing many gameplay components in a single game is therefore appealing.

Lots of Weapons

You will have a huge castle that serves as a game field with numerous entrances and exits. It will be very challenging for hoaxers to figure out if you are announcing an event with ten players and chatting about it.

You will be instructed to construct an impossibly sturdy door so that the reaper cannot assault you. In order to make his master flee, the player must set traps and weapons that could damage him.

Many Strong Props and Gear

Here, the playing fields are a big castle with many entrances and exits. It is quite difficult for impostors to conduct their operations covertly when we are talking about a game for ten players. You must construct a door that is incredibly robust and impossible for reapers to break through if you want to keep them out of your life.

In order to hurt the monster and possibly make it flee, you must also put up traps and weaponry. If we are referring to the reaper from Silent Castle, you have to improve it before you may use it. It ought to be faster and more potent.


In the thrilling and scary game Silent Castle, you must escape a deadly reaper. Make a choice from a variety of personalities and use cunning to get away. At the end of this horror Strategic game. We are sure you are excited to play this Latest Version Android game and will not be scared of ghosts.

You can easily install it from the given link, and we are waiting to get your feedback about Silent Castle MOD APK. If you want to know any other information about this mod, we are here for you.