Minion Rush Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

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UpdatedMar 29, 2024
Requirements6.0 and up
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How to install Minion Rush Mod APK 10.0.0f (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Minion Rush Mod APK 10.0.0f (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


Minion Rush Mod APK is an exciting and interesting game with many different types of minions you get. You also have the option to customize these minions according to you. But the gameplay is about collecting bananas and coins by completing missions and tasks. These costumes are extremely beneficial in achieving all the levels and in the other game, giving you powers and multiple boosters.


As mentioned earlier, you must collect bananas and coins, but how can you manage them? You can order them by using different costumes. The characters by whom you can play this game are Carl, Jerry as well as Mel. You can select any of them to play and receive great rewards in return for that. You have to run over multiple tracks and collect bananas. You are free to participate in various challenges in the game.

It’s a fantastic Android game that provides practically all the premium features—like infinite money, an unlocked interface, and an ad-free app layout—for no additional cost. Minion Rush MOD APK may be ideal for all passionate players. Download it now.

Key Features of Minion Rush Mod APK

Following are some of the amazing features of Minion Rush Mod APK:

Running over Tracks

In Minion Rush Mod APK game, there are multiple locations to explore, and you have to run over different tracks and explore all those locations, like Professor’s lab, etc. Here, you will get to experience plenty of enemies who will try to attack you, but you have to protect yourself.

Different Minion Characters

As mentioned earlier in the article, multiple minions of characters are available, like Carl, Jerry, and Mel. You can select any of them, but they all possess different abilities, which are extremely helpful during the game.

Purchasing Costume

An amazing and interesting option is to customize your character according to your wish. These costumes have special boosters inside them, allowing you to fight with your enemies while running over the track.

Collecting Bananas

You have to collect the bananas while running over the track and being safe from enemies. These bananas help buy different characters as well as costumes in the game. You can also Download Sonic Dash Mod APK and Sonic Forces Mod APK from our site as well.

Getting Power-ups

You guys can get plenty of boosters and power-ups in Minion Rush Mod APK game. It helps defeat all the opponents and face them; this will lead you toward victory. For example: In some places, if you find any difficulty, you can fly over to avoid it. Also, the power-ups only last for almost five seconds in the game.

Participating in Challenges

Minion Rush Mod APK has multiple challenges; as mentioned above in the article, all these challenges are online, in which you can easily participate. It will help you get plenty of rewards that will help you face further challenges in the game.

Increasing Time in Power-ups

Minion Rush Mod APK game has a great feature of exceeding time; in this game, you can easily increase the time limit, which is extremely beneficial. It will give you much advantage in the entire game.

Unlocked Minions

All the different minions are available, and there are no restrictions on any of them. There is no need to even unlock or purchase them with money.

Unlocked Costumes

There is no need to unlock these costumes; in the mod version, multiple free restrictions are available.

No Ads

One of the most worsening elements in many games is the presence of ongoing advertisements. It consistently diverts the attention of players, which occasionally causes them to lose the game. However, there are no ads in Minion Rush Mod APK. So, playing it is simple.


There is no denying that playing Minion Rush Mod APK game is entertaining and enjoyable. Its straightforward gameplay, and lovely colors give it a compelling appearance. Because of the incredible graphic effects, you’ll feel like you’re playing in the actual world and different tracks while playing this great game. However, once you become addicted, you won’t get bored and won’t regret installing this game.


How to get boosters in Minion Rush mod APK?

By beating the game’s various levels, you guys can collect a lot of boosters and power-ups. It will help you defeat all of your opponents and face them, which will help you win.

How to get new costumes in this game?

You can easily collect new costumes in this game by using bananas.


If you play and like Minion Rush Mod APK game, it is undoubtedly your best choice. More powerful opponents are a result of higher levels. It looks stunning and has a captivating look, thanks to its graphics. This game has multiple features, such as infinite coins and money. Minion Rush Mod APK game is entertaining and suitable for players of all ages. Its gameplay is extremely easy and simple, with intriguing controls; all you have to do is to run over the different tracks and collect bananas that help manage other costumes for power and get plenty of boosters.