Bubble Shooter Mod APK 15.3.4 (Unlimited Money/Bomb)

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If you are looking for a simple yet interactive game, make sure to check out Bubble Shooter. The game has very basic gameplay with easy controls. It is an excellent option to pass your leisure time and enjoy a relaxing game session. However, by downloading the Bubble Shooter Mod APK, you will get unlimited money and resources to improve the gameplay.

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The game is developed for young children, but it also caters to all ages. There are many levels in the Bubble Shooter Mod APK game that come with interesting challenges that make you addicted to the game. After you pass each level, you get a scoreboard that shows your progress in the game.

Completing each task gives you a prize. You can collect all these prizes to win a big reward after completing a few levels.

How to Play Bubble Shooter Game

Color matching is the basic idea in the game. You have to match three balls or more that have the same color to win. Shooting at a certain angle is key here.

The game is great for youngsters as it makes room for a lot of learning. Moreover, the colors in the game make it very interesting. You have to use logic and strategy to hit the balls at an angle that will give you high scores.

The Game Line

In the Bubble Shooter Mod APK game, you see a lot of balloons in different colors on the screen. Your job is to match the balloons and eliminate as many balloons as you can. At the base, there is a balloon machine constantly throwing balloons.

You have to shoot the same coloured balloon in a direction so that it hits the other balloons. After you hit a balloon, the machine will generate a new balloon that you will have to use.

Moreover, if you hit more than seven balloons in one go, you get a fire balloon. The fire balloon eliminates all the surrounding balloons even if they don’t match.

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You can also connect your game’s progress with your Facebook account and play with friends. Participate in different challenges to lead the player board and win exciting prizes in the game. You can also Download Silent Castle Premium APK from our site as well.

Game Modes

Bubble Shooter Mod APK has three main game modes which are described below.

Classic Mode

You have to match at least 3 balloons by only directing the balloon machine at a certain angle. Aim your machine at that angle and release it to hit the balloon. This mode is there by default.

Arcade Mode

Arcade mode is harder than the classic because it has more hurdles. Players need to play this mode with strategy and attention if they want to win. Also, an internet connection is required for arcade mode.

Puzzle Mode

Puzzle mode is the hardest of them all. It has the highest level of difficulty as you need to come up with efficient and precise angles that will hit the same-coloured balloons. If you want to demonstrate your skills, this mode is for you.

Bubble Shooter Mod APK Features

Bubble shooter Mod APK is the modded version of the game. Mod APK games are the modified games that come with additional qualities. Let’s go through some of the features this version has to offer.

Solve Puzzles

The game is a challenging one, especially at higher levels. You have to match and pop a series of colors. It demands a lot of concentration and precision. In addition to this, you have to solve puzzles to continue the game if you want to score high.

Interactive Interface

The main part of any game is the interface. Enjoy a comprehensive interface with well-designed graphics in the bubble shooter Mod APK. Also, access different game modes that suit your interest and play. The interface has a very different layout that is also interactive.

Play with Friends

You can log in to your Facebook account and invite friends to play. Play online with gamers from around the globe. Also, participate in competitions and win daily prizes.

Daily Rewards

Bubble Shooter Mod APK gives you the chance to earn daily rewards. You can redeem your rewards after every 24 hours. In the Mod APK version, you are granted with an unlimited access to coins also. Other than that, don’t forget to accept the prompt to earn your rewards.

Complete Quests

Bubble shooter has another in-built mini-game known as bubble quest. You get hundreds of rewards through passing all the levels in the game. The game is very comprehensive so people of all ages can play.

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Unlock Upgrades

Bubble Shooter Mod APK is packed with several upgrades and power-ups that help you blast several balloons in one go. You can unlock fireball, use super swap, and bombs to pass difficult levels. Players can also get power-ups through coins.

Save Your Progress

You can back up all your game data to your Facebook account. You only need to log in and your game will be automatically connected. If you ever delete the application, you can always restore your progress by logging into your Facebook account.

Unlimited Coins

With the Mod APK version for Bubble Shooter, you don’t have to collect a lot of coins. The game gives you an unlimited number that never runs out. You can buy unlimited power-ups without losing coins.

Say Goodbye to Ads

No ads pop up from any third-party apps when you play. So, play the game without any interruptions or distractions that divert your attention. This problem is solved by the Mod APK version only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bubble Shooter Mod APK a secure app?

Most Mod APK files are safe to download. This version of the game contains no viruses or malware. Therefore, you can download the game without any worries.

Why is the Mod APK version not on Google Play Store?

The mod APK files do not come under the copyright law given by Google. This is the reason why the app is not available on the App Store or Play Store.


If you’re looking for an easy-going game to pass your time, make sure to download this latest version of Bubble Shooter Mod APK that provides you with many features not available in the original version.