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Mar 26, 2024
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How to install Zombie Raft Mod APK v36.1.3 (Unlimited money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Zombie Raft Mod APK v36.1.3 (Unlimited money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


The Zombie Raft is a one-of-a-kind zombie survival game. There are many fun games available presently that you can play anywhere. For your development, progression, inauguration, and resume on high-quality Android games, the Zombie raft mod apk offers a variety of instruments, machinery, and libraries.

You should check out this intriguing game at least once. Try out this new game right away; it’s entertaining much like other shooting-based zombie games. But in this game, you build a movable raft that will make it easier for you to stay alive on the island, which makes it different from other games.

Zombie Raft Mod APK [Unlimited money, Mod Menu]

Zombie Raft Mod APK: Overview

In the zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world of Zombie Raft mod APK, the gameplay centres on surviving throughout the entire game without dying. The player controls a character who is abandoned on a raft in the centre of the ocean and must scrounge for supplies, make weapons, and protect themselves from zombie attacks.

You need to acquire resources like food, metal, and wood in to survive. Explore the sea, islands, and shipwrecks to find these resources. You can feed yourself by hunting and fishing as well. You can manufacture a variety of tools, firearms, and equipment using the game’s robust crafting system. To fend against the zombies, you can make spears, arrows, and traps out of the materials you collect.

The day and night pattern in the game has an impact on how it plays. Throughout the day, zombies are more gradual and less aggressive, whereas, at night, they grow more threatening. You need to schedule your activities correctly to survive.

Features of Zombie Raft Mod APK

A survival game called Zombie Raft mod apk mixes the aspects of horror fiction, adventure, and craftsmanship. Here are a few of the game’s incredible features:

Tough Gameplay:

In the survival game Zombie Raft, you are stuck on a boat in the centre of the ocean with zombies all around you. You must gather materials through scavenging, make weapons, and protect yourself from zombie attacks.

Crafting System:

Using the game’s sophisticated crafting system, you may make a wide range of weapons, resources, and equipment. With the materials you gather, you can make a variety of things, such as armour, weapons, and even a refuge.


Zombie Raft mod apk has been set in a huge, open area with lots of hidden treasures to find. The water, islands, and shipwrecks can all be explored to unearth new resources and learn more about the zombie apocalypse’s mysterious origins.

Night and day Pattern:

The gameplay is impacted by the game’s day and night pattern. Zombies are more slowly and less hostile during the day, but they pose a greater threat at night. To survive, you must schedule your activities appropriately.


In the multiplayer version of Zombie Raft, you can cooperate with other participants to survive. You can construct a base, pool resources, and cooperate to repel the zombie attacks.

Zombie Raft MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


The game’s outstanding visuals and lifelike animations provide an immersive and captivating experience. The setting is exquisitely created, and the sound effects enhance the game’s creepy elements.


You can increase the potency of your weapons as you go through the game. Additionally, you may modify the boat to make it stronger and move more quickly, which will make navigating the water simpler.

Additional practical tools

Random power-ups are hidden inside chests that are lying on the ground. These give you an extra shove to move around with little effort. Additionally, we can equip our vehicles with rockets to increase their speed and devastation. Get thorny hedges together to protect against climbers. Use decoys to entice zombies. Store metallic items under their supervision for magnet lovers.

Modded features:

Here are some notable modded features of Zombie Raft Mod Apk 2024. have a look;

Unlimited supply of money:

In the zombie Raft mod apk, you get to play the survival game with unlimited money to play the game. Moreover, you can unlock anything, which includes levels, weapons, and other equipment, to proceed further in the game without any difficulty or challenges. You can also download City Defense Mod APK from our page as well.

No ads:

In the modded version of Zombie raft, you are free of unnecessary advertisements and unwanted commercials. Moreover, you can enjoy unlimited gameplay throughout the game and survive throughout the game by staying alive.

How to Download and install Zombie Raft Mod APK?

For Zombie Raft mod apk downloading, follow these steps

  1. The option “Unknown Sources” should be enabled.
  2. Click the download button to get the Zombie Raft mod APK.
  3. Save the file to the Downloaded folder on your operating device.
  4. Select Install, then wait for the process of installation to complete.
  5. Start playing the game and begin as soon as it is completed.

Zombie Raft Mod Apk (Unlimited Resources)


How safe is the zombie raft mod?

The programme is absolutely safe because no viruses were found when our anti-malware technology checked Zombie Raft Mod. AOL Active Virus Shield, Clam AntiVirus, and much more antivirus programmes are available on the antivirus platform. Applications are filtered by and categorized by our anti-malware systems. Zombie Raft Mod APK can thus be downloaded with complete security.

What visuals can you expect from Zombie Raft Mod?

This game’s graphics were created in a very recent and extremely distinctive manner. The 3D graphics framework used for the character photos is of the highest calibre and is exceedingly simple to use. Furthermore, backgrounds that are blended with extremely vivid colours are present.

Where can I get the free Zombie Raft Mod game?

Any website that accepts keyword searches will accept searches for the Zombie Raft Mod game.

How do I get started with Zombie Raft Mod Apk?

Download the file to your Android smartphone, then follow the on-screen instructions to continue playing. To move through the game, you will need to have a fundamental knowledge of how touchscreen controllers operate.


As a whole, Zombie Raft mod apk is a fantastic survival game that provides a distinct and difficult gaming environment. The game will keep you occupied for hours with its sophisticated crafting framework, broad world discovery, and multiplayer mode. Overall, Zombie Raft’s gameplay is difficult and in-depth, providing players with a different post-apocalyptic survival experience.