Sonic Forces MOD APK v4.24.1 (All Characters Unlocked)

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If you are searching for a challenging mind game, this Sonic Forces MOD APK is only for you. It is the same Sega game you played in your childhood and is now available on Android. It is a speed battle game. You have provided 7 of the character in Sonic Forces MOD APK game. One of the characters would be yours, and the other 6 would be your opponents.

In the game, one character would be you. If you have 7 players, you can play together in the same game. But if you are only 2 or 3, the others would be the computer players.

Sonic Forces PC

You must run on the track and race with your opponents in the game. You must race in the desert and hills and clear the finish line to clear the game level. It is not only to complete the game but also to collect scattered coins on the tract.


The main character in Sonic Forces MOD APK game is sonic. It is the most world-famous character with many abilities. There are many other characters in the game with different types of abilities. Some characters are good at speeding, which can help you quickly clear the race.

The game has the feature of upgrading your character. This feature can upgrade your character’s color, dress, gloves, shoes, and many more. But all of these you can do by using the coins you will get after winning the game.

Sonic Forces MOD APK mod feature will give you unlimited coins for upgradation and many more. Moreover, you will get no ads to feature in the game. Also, you can unlock all of the characters from the game that were locked before this mod. You can also Download Super City Mod APK from our site as Well.

Features of Sonic Forces MOD APK

Unlimited Money

Sonic Forces MOD APK game has a number of amazing levels. You have to win those levels to earn rewards and money. In the original version of this game, you have to win levels to earn money to spend on your character or other things.

Fortunately, in the mod version of this game, you do not have to win levels to earn money and rewards. The Sonic Forces Mod APK unlimited money has the feature of infinite money that you can spend any time anywhere on anything.

Customizable Character

In Sonic Forces MOD APK game, you can customize your character by yourself as you wish as you want to customize. You can select your character, choose their headgear, t-shirt, and pants, and customize their skin color, and you can paint your character easily to make your character unique and attractive.

Sonic Forces download

Free to Download

Sonic Forces MOD APK Game was paid application in the original version, but the mod APK version provides you with a free download version. You can use and enjoy this Game free of cost. Don’t wait and download this Game now.

No Ads

Along with all the other amazing features, one fantastic feature of the mod version of Sonic Forces MOD APK game is that there are no ads. This means that there will be no ad popup during your gameplay. So, you can play your game without any interruption by ads.

Well Design Tracks

In this mod feature, you will see a well-designed racing track feature. Some attractive graphics are used in Sonic Forces MOD APK game. You will enjoy using these tracks with great animations and visual work.

All Characters Unlock

Sonic Forces MOD APK offers you the 38 characters locked in the game. You must win the game and make some coins to get all these characters. After that, you can unlock them one by one. But the mod feature will get all the characters already unlocked.

sonic forces online

3D Graphics

The game has provided you with outstanding 3D graphics that you can enjoy a lot while playing. The game has done high-class graphics work and has the most incredible graphic visuals on android mobile.


Sonic Forces MOD APK game is very challenging and a mind game. You have to play this game with your full of mind. Have to run fast and have to cross your opponents. Sonic Forces allows players to maneuver their avatar across the screen with just a few swipes while dodging hazards and gathering objects. You have to speed up your life in the game.

However, Sonic Forces differ in that you must compete against other players globally in real-time, which promises to be a really exciting game. The character line-up retains the original game’s striking aesthetic. It makes it simple for players to relive their childhood while playing the game.

We hope you enjoy reading this article about Sonic Forces MOD APK. If you want to ask questions about this game, you can ask freely. We will be glad to respond to you.