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Samorost 3 Mod APK is an adventurous game that allows you to play a space game. It is a totally mesmerizing, engaging game with entirely nice physics. Playing the game requires the complete attention of the player and the character names Gnome uses his flute to find its roots.

Samorost 3 Mod APK is a reckless single-player game that provides the player with fantastic graphics and an astonishing framework to create more interest in the player’s mind.

Samorost 3 download PC

With the entire charismatic gameplay and many adventures Samorost 3 mod for android has stolen the hearts of gamers. There is a huge world to explore in this game, and as the game proceeds; you get to know new but interesting creatures from the different planets.

This contains various puzzles which need to be solved. These missing puzzles are needed to be found by reaching many locations. Locations are unknown completely. Experiencing such an amazing and thrilling game download Samorost 3 Mod APK for android 2023 latest version and enjoy.

What Is Samorost 3?

Samorost 3 App is an adventurous game developed by Amanita Design. It is an incredible series of games including high-resolving puzzles and fascinating graphics. The game gained skyrocketing popularity having 100K+ downloads with positive reviews which is incredible to believe.

Samorost 3 Mod APK is the best game for children as well as for adults. It creates a sense of critical thinking and engages the person completely. Samorost 3 needs the full devotion of the players to play. This is the first series out of 3 which is more creative and innovative. Moreover, the standard version of the game is paid and requires a subscription. But if you want to play the game without spending your money then try the modified version of the game with unlocked all.

Samorost 3 Mod APK Gameplay

I have played a lot of games but Samorost 3 captures my attention because it is one of the best games. Samorost 3 Mod APK is the game that cannot be ignored and persuades my mind. The exploratory theme of the game in which I explored many new and horrible places was very fascinating.

There are many misplaced parts of this game that I have solved by approaching various sites. A Gnome continuously remains with me and helps me in this game. Overall, the scenario, sounds, visual effects, and graphics are hard to believe.

Samorost 3 Android

The puzzles are excitedly challenging but are not outside the box. Absolutely, it is a fantastic game. It is a tricky game that has all the tips to solve the puzzles and is best to test analytical thinking. There are five planets proceeding step by step that provides endless fun and enjoyment.

The storyline of Samorost 3 APP

The story of Samorost 3 is very interesting and starts with an accidental fall of a magical flute. The flute falls near Gnome’s house. When he sees the flute, he starts investigating where that flute has come from. During this journey of finding the origin, he starts traveling with the universe, from planet to planet to explore all the hidden truths and mysteries to unveil the truth. Gnome uses his own built rocket to travel among 9 planets. At the last planet, he not only solves the puzzle but also accomplishes the task to come back home along with his dog.

Premium Features of Samorost 3 Mod APK

There are many interesting features that captivate the brains of players. It is a single-player game and has many features which are

  • Background Sound

Samorost 3 has background sound which provides a sense of reality providing the feeling as if we are actually participating in this game. The different and huge creatures with sound create a sense of fear in the player and motivate him to play more and more games.

  • Single Player Game

Samorost 3 is a single-player game. This player has a Gnome and flute which provide aid to him to getting rid of different problems.

  • Technological Creativity

Samorost 3 is the picture of natural and technological development. Incredible graphics and sound fascinate the player. Surroundings motivate the player to play efficiently to complete the puzzles.

  • Magical Flute

The player has a magical flute that produces a sound. This sound is actually to call the ghosts and aliens of different planets. These ghosts and aliens are creatures of different planets. Sometimes, these provide help to the player to solve the riddle.

samorost 3 apk

  • Adventurous Game

This is an adventurous game to play. There are many hidden places that I have to find. As the game progresses, it becomes more interesting and persuades the player not to leave the game until it is not completed.

  • Gnome

Gnome is the most important part of this game. Indeed, Samorost 3 Mod APK game started with the flute near Gnome’s house. He wants to find the place from where the flute had come and wanted to get the flute back.

Samorost 3 Mod Features

  • Ads-free
  • No root needed
  • Unlimited Money
  • All premium features are unlocked
  • Unlocked all levels
  • Minute bugs fixes


  • Nice physics and fascinating gameplay
  • Exploratory theme
  • Best game to test the analytical thinking


  • Paid game
  • The original version contains a lot of ads that are frustrating.


Samorost 3 Mod APK was nominated as the best game. Winning 3 categories is the most challenging and successful game. It is definitely good to spend time and kill boredom. Its visuals and graphics are unforgettable. The brain can be activated due to this game as it is an exploratory game. It creates a sense of fearlessness in the players. Admittedly, it is the best and most fantastic game. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Latest Version of Samorost 3 Mod APK for android and have fun with an incredible game.


Which Samorost is the best?

It is a series of full adventurous games like Amanita’s previous titles but Samorost 3 is in high demand and recommendation.

How much time is required to play Samorost 3?

Approximately, 41/2-5 hours.

There are many new and different worlds, traveling through colorful planets and beautiful artwork.

How many planets are in Samorost 3 during playing the game?

There are five planets. Samorost 3 Mod APK is the first game in the series that is full-length with fully resolved graphics. This game includes four moons as well.