Jungle adventures 2 Mod APK 428.0 (Unlimited Bananas)

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As a child, everyone dreams of being Tarzan because it is fascinating and mesmerizing for everyone. Many children are always impressed by Tarzan when he is jumping, rolling, etc. Well, now time to accomplish the dream of a Tarzan. How? Jungle adventures 2 Mod APK allows you to choose a character like Tarzan.

The main character in Jungle adventures 2 Mod APK game is Addu. He is adventurous, passionate, and a fortune seeker who wants to hunt a lot of treasure. The journey begins in the green forest finding an old map in the warehouse of Addu’s grandfather.

Jungle Adventures 2 All Characters Unlocked

The forest is enriched with many adventure missions and many yummy fruits. Completing the missions requires a lot of resources the mod version offers free of cost in unlimited amounts. So download Jungle Adventure 2 Mod Apk for the latest Android version with unlocked all premium features.

What is Jungle Adventure 2 Mod Apk?

Jungle adventure 2 was developed by Rendered Ideas. Since the game was released, it gained much popularity on the Google play store, which can be imagined from the high and positive ranking. The best thing about Jungle adventures 2 Mod APK game is that it is good for all ages. Jungle Adventure 2 is a charming adventure game that is free to download. The storyline of this game captures the attention of the player.

While Addu and his girlfriend eat fruits, an evil demon comes from the jungle, kidnaps his girlfriend, and the evil monster disappears into the deep jungle. He must bring back his girlfriend, facing different challenges and obstacles and crossing different levels. Addu knew jumping, rolling, and moving skills which proved to be very fruitful and helpful during his dangerous journey.

Classic Gameplay of Jungle Adventures 2

Playing Jungle adventures 2 Mod APK game found it the most decent, elegant, and adventurous game. The simple and easy gameplay is fascinating, with attractive visuals. Once I started to play this game, it was hard to leave. Jungle Adventures 2 hack APK starts simply with one character named Addu. Initially, only one character is available, but as the game proceeds, more characters will be included. Addu is a daring treasure hunter boy and knows many skills which are helpful to complete challenging missions.

You can have endless fun because there are almost 80 levels with different challenges. Addu faces all the problems and challenges with bravery. He attacks the dangerous animals with fruits and also finds a treasure. You can also Download Samorost 3 Mod APK from our site as well.

Android Features of Jungle adventures 2 Mod APK

Jungle adventures 2 Mod APK has interesting features which mesmerize the player while playing this game. These features are given below. Let’s read on!

  • Suitable For all the Ages

Jungle Adventure 2 has no age limit because its storyline is unique and suitable for all ages. Anyone can play Jungle adventures 2 Mod APK with a lot of amusement and challenges.

jungle adventure 2 mod apk (unlimited golden apple)

  • Ability to double Jump

Our hero, Addu, has many skills to face hurdles during the journey. Most importantly, the skill that is proved useful in the jungle is the double jump.

  • More than 60 unique Levels

There are almost 80 levels with many obstacles, hurdles, and challenges. These levels have secret rooms and many interesting places. Our hero, Addu, goes out for food at midnight and meets with a furry man. This cute furry man proves to be very helpful during his journey.

  • Tons of Boss battles

Jungle adventures 2 Mod APK is the fascinating, mesmerizing, horizontal version of the game. These battles include many demons, unwanted evils, and bosses that attack the hero in different offensive attacks. Hero is a human version of this game that is very brave.

  • Easy and Intuitive Control

Jungle Adventure 2 is very easy to control. Use buttons to move up and down. The player can use various buttons to show his skills. This game proved to be very intuitive for the player. It keeps persuading the player to play more and more levels of the game.

  • Simple yet beautiful Graphics

Jungle adventures 2 Mod APK game has a fantastic background, which influences the player’s attention. The game has simple but beautiful graphics which attract the users and provides a realistic scene.

Jungle Adventures 2 Mod Features

  • Ads free
  • Unlimited fruits
  • All parachutes unlocked
  • All utilities unlocked
  • All pets unlocked
  • All characters unlocked
  • All power-ups Maxed


  • Perfect game for kids because no weapons are used in this game which creates violence feeling in them
  • The graphics and visual effects of the game are too fascinating
  • The storyline of the game is hilarious and captivating.
  • Good times passed the game with the delightful background.


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Ads in the original version are too bad.
  • The advanced levels of the game are tough.

Jungle Adventures 2 APK for Android Download


No doubt, Jungle Adventure 2’s hacked version contains a lot of fun and entertainment. It is a very simple game to play and easy to control. It is a natural and smooth version. It is an animated horizontal version of the game.

There are a lot of fruits. No one can lose interest while playing a game because it persuades players to play more and more. There are many adventures and a lot of obstacles. More than 80 Challenging levels are available. Download Jungle Adventure 2 Mod APK for the latest Android version to enjoy the immersive gameplay.

Frequently Asked Question

How to avoid popup ads which cause disturbance?

By downloading the hacked version of Jungle adventures 2 Mod APK, ads can be removed, which causes a disturbance during playing the game.

Does this game have all premium features?

Yes, the modified version of this game has all premium features without any cost.

Are there any weapons in this game?

Weapons are only in the form of fruits, not swords, etc.