Zooba Mod APK v4.26.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Applicants for Zooba’s leadership positions must be fit for the job. Here is the war of animals, based on the survival gameplay popular with many players. There is still a cuteness to them, and they can fight. Put on your favourite character and step into the forest with your weapons ready. All surrounding enemies can be eliminated with Zooba Mod APK. Survivorship is the only way to win in Zooba Mod APK game. The key to survival is to cultivate your abilities. It is impossible to live against your competitors if you depend on anyone. There is no doubt that they are great marksmen.

Zooba Mod APK iOS

Zooba Mod APK offers you only fun emotions in this fresh new action. Here’s your chance to be the king of the zoo. Multiplayer and PvP modes are available in this unique Battle Royale game. It would help if you played the competition by choosing your favourite character, joining a multiplayer battle against other players, and embarking on the global meat grinder and development world. To become the strongest person, you must choose the right weapon, upgrade what you have, and take on as many other players as possible.

Join a community of shooting enthusiasts and animal lovers. Get a life in the zoo by playing as an animal. Only one person can receive and own the right to live. It is better to fight than let your enemies discover your weaknesses, so do not let them discover them if you die. When combined with many different trees, Zooba has a unique map system.


By choosing from images of animals that are incredibly familiar to the player, Zooba Mod APK facilitates them in choosing true warriors for themselves. There are many animals to accompany players during the gaming experience, such as lions, buffaloes, dogs, cats, bears, and tigers. There are different activation skills for each animal. To search for necessary equipment, you must continuously move your character. To help you survive for as long as possible, you can find guns, armor, and ambulance equipment. The experience screen will display the time for safety loops to appear. Pay close attention to your character if you want to control it appropriately. Persistent bleeding will occur if your character is outside the safety circle for too long.

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Once you’ve selected a particular character, are you ready to start playing? To begin with, psychological warfare is one thing you should prepare in advance. It is common for games in this genre to have fierce matches due to the nature of the Zooba Mod APK game. You will have an advantage in battle if you are mentally prepared! As well as practicing basic skills, you need to prepare for war.

A high level of tempo has been added to the game by the manufacturers because they are very concerned with the player’s experience. You can solve urgent situations and intense matches with basic skills if you have them. Practice and replenish your skills after the game to upgrade your character. You can also download Brawl Stars Mod APK from our site having same Features.

In addition to the gameplay, Zooba’s name came from its name. Zooba Mod APK is a fantastic survival game that provides a beautiful experience. In this battle, tolerance won’t be a factor. The player who remains standing on the last map wins. For the match to be successful, everyone must adhere to the rules. Hence, you will be excluded from the game after a fast-paced match is played. In addition to appearing from all directions, you will see your enemies from the side and back. Carefully approaching all your enemies will be the key to winning.

Features of Zooba Mod APK

Collect Different Weapons

There are many weapons to collect on the battlefield, including powerful ones. New guns with high damage levels will pressure your opponents. Keep an eye out for guards, and avoid colliding with them. Taking a closer look at each weapon reveals different characteristics. The difference between each character lies in their guns, not in their fitness.


You can also gain many advantages in encountering your opponents if you know their information on the map. A safety circle is also included in Zooba Mod APK so that all players will get closed after a certain period. You will slowly lose blood until you reach the area where you are safe as wildfires spread around you. A MOBA game should have a good map as its highlight.

Upgrade Your Character Strengths

A piece of a character will be awarded to you when you complete some levels of Zooba Mod APK. They can be strengthened and given health benefits by using these pieces. The player will gradually unlock the characters in the game, which is also an interesting point you cannot ignore. A cute appearance is given to each character based on an animal. It will be worth your time to discover the characteristics of these animals. You will also be able to increase your win rate after owning a character by unlocking its potential. The character’s exciting features in battle and intimidating costumes are easy to see.

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Unlimited Crates

The upgrades improve your character’s skills in the crates, which helps them to win battles more easily. However, many new players may find collecting the boxes a challenging task. Nonetheless, don’t worry; you’ll be given infinite crates in Zooba Mod APK to open them unlimited times.

Become Superstar

The more missions you complete in this game, the better you will be at it. Compete in online battle arenas to show off your skills and abilities. It will help if you stay active while playing it to avoid being beaten by your opponents. Updating your character is possible by collecting rewards.


The only thing that makes Zooba stand out is its graphic design, which lacks a 3D graphics format. Since the cartoon-style design promises simplicity from the very first experience, only 2D graphics are used in Zooba Mod APK game. A traditional chibi style accompanies the details of the game. Furthermore, you will feel excited by the moderately smooth transition effects.

Quieter than the water below the grass

Covertly fighting in tall grass is one of its main features in Zooba Mod APK. Every character in the game is an animal, and every map resembles a forest or jungle. Water and tall grass are present on nearly all Zooba maps. You won’t be able to see the enemies in the tall grass because the developers did their best. The grass blinds you to everything you do. Water is similarly affected. Water is an impassable barrier during a battle.

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Mod Info

  • Drone View (x1 – x4)
  • Map Hack
  • Latest Version
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Can Shot In Water
  • Safe Mod (no ban)
  • Drone View x1.5
  • Free Skills
  • Ads Free
  • Drone View x2.5
  • Drone View x5
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free to Download


 How to get all the characters in Zooba?

 Zooba requires tournament participation to unlock reward chests containing all the characters. As you progress through the league, these chests will contain random characters. They are also available in the store for purchase with gems.

 Is Zooba Mod APK a free game?

Collect awesome rewards and climb leaderboards each season to reach the top. The game is free to play.

Is Zooba a good game?

 My overall rating for Zooba is 4/5. Unlike your typical battle royals game, this one has an innovative twist. Also, children who cannot play violent games will find this a great alternative.

Final Thoughts

Animals in a zoo compete with players in Zooba. The rest are concerned because all of them are equipped with weapons. They are determining where life ends, and death begins extremely difficult. For the ultimate zoo fighting experience, download Zooba Mod APK from our website for free.