Wall Kickers Mod APK v4.0 (Unlocked Characters/Territory)

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Wall Kickers Mod APK takes you on a captivating journey through different dimensions. You will never experience another tactical action game like this one. Among our dozens of adorable characters, choose one to control officially to participate in our challenging missions. Fish, unicorns, and other professional astronauts can all be found in the space program. Control the character in many different environments to overcome obstacles. Make sure you collect coins as you move along.

Wall Kickers Mod APK Download (Unlocked/Latest Version)

Furthermore, jump off the walls and climb up by guessing the right time to bounce off. A simple touch of the screen triggers the character to jump and climb higher. You can perform a backflip by pressing in the air, but you need to be careful. The character can fly past the wall after a single-second delay. The developers have not prepared all the traps. Stay away from sharp spikes, disappearing platforms, and electricity. Play in dozens of different worlds with the coins you’ve earned from purchasing original characters.


It is extremely easy to play Wall Kickers. All players need to do is touch the walls and hold the screen as long as possible to move their character. You must avoid falling to the ground; otherwise, you will fail the challenge. It is essential that players avoid touching gaps when performing interesting missions. As much money as you can during the competition will increase your chances of buying items later on.

Moreover, a Wall Kickers Mod APK run begins with the choice of a location. A frosty cold environment is combined with a volcanic theme. A jungle with green vegetation, spacious vistas, and more can be found here. You’ll find each location to be more challenging than the previous one, as mentioned earlier. Trap frequency and difficulty of bypassing them are factors to consider. Initially, there will only be spikes to overcome at the initial locations. By moving traps, you will eventually be able to pass the site from the safe window. There are spikes and lava clots among the traps and electric fields. In the process of passing the tracks, learn how to cope with it all. You can also Download Every Hero Mod APK from our site as well.

In addition, as you progress deeper into our challenges, the game becomes more challenging. Of course, the player is also more excited since the attractiveness is increased. For safety reasons, you cannot touch the gaps. Aside from that, you must also show your acrobatic skills by avoiding all the obstacles in the challenging levels. Naturally, touching them will cause you to die, and you will have to restart the level.

Wall Kickers MOD APK Unlimited Money

Features of Wall Kickers Mod APK

Tons of Characters

Aside from choosing the location, you can also choose the hero you wish to play before starting a match in Wall Kickers Mod APK. The animations and appearances of all heroes are unique. The in-game currency can be used here to open new characters. Participating in races and setting new records will earn it for you. It is sometimes difficult to collect coins from the track itself. During the game, you will have the option to watch a commercial that will reward you further. It can be used to unlock new heroes and improve many things in general.

Different Weather Conditions

Moreover, you can challenge yourself on hundreds of different levels of Wall Kickers Mod APK. As you climb higher, the difficulty and obstacles increase. Your attention is needed to avoid accidental collisions with it, as it will appear randomly. There will be many different environments in which players will compete, even in space. As well as that, the missions are made difficult by unique weather effects.

Simple Controls

You can easily control the character in this Wall Kickers Mod APK game. Besides jumping, you can also decide the direction in which you want to jump. Depending on how long you press the corresponding button, you can also adjust the height of the jump. Press the jump button in flight if you want to do a backflip. Besides pushing off to the other side, it allows the hero to cross the river. In the future, you will be facing walls of various sizes, so knowledge about changing the jump’s height will be extremely useful.

Graphics and Sound Effects

Along with that, there is no way to overlook the excellent soundtrack of this game. There is unique voice acting for each character, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. Voice acting is also unique to each track. The background music matches perfectly with each location’s theme, which is evident in their voice acting.

Wall Kickers Mod Apk (Unlock maps, skins)

Mod Info

  • All Unlocked
  • Unlimited Money
  • All Skins Unlocked
  • Free to Download
  • New Version
  • No Ads


Question 1: Do Wall Kickers Mod APK need the Internet?

Answer: There is no need for an internet connection for Wall Kickers Mod APK game! To conclude, I really recommend you get it since it’s free and no internet is required.

Question 2: How to beat Wall Kickers Mod APK ?

Answer: Try to kick the walls as high as you can to get as high as you can. Take advantage of special jumps and beware of obstacles. Get ready to jump your next time.

Final Thoughts

High-score arcade games have long been a big part of the market, and they remain extremely popular today. Check out Wall Kickers Mod APK if you’d like to learn more about this genre. Aside from animals, characters, and superheroes, you can also explore new worlds. It’s also worth noting that they’re everywhere. All of them can be collected and used whenever you want. Have fun playing colorful characters, improving them, and getting to the next level.