World War Heroes Mod APK 1.41.0 (All Weapons Unlocked)

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There are awesome gunmen in World War Heroes Mod APK, simulating World War 2. In the game mode, players can connect with shooters worldwide. This place is filled with endless battles. In a game, the team with the most points wins. World War Heroes heroes are honoured at the end of each level based on who kills the most opponents. Are you comfortable with your teammates seeing your image, even if they are your enemies? Coordination with team members always creates great strength, so let’s fight hard for the team. Having defensive skills is essential when you are free to move around a large map.

As World War 2’s dense atmosphere ignites players’ excitement in online matches, World War Heroes will introduce a dense, explosive environment. Additionally, the World War Heroes Mod APK game involves a dynamic personal story system that allows players to relive the heroics and tragedies of the most heroic soldiers. As each mode or aspect is added, more exciting content will be available, resulting in the best WW2-themed experiences.

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Azur Interactive Games Limited developed World War Heroes as a first-person shooter game. It has been downloaded over 50 million times in the Google Play Store alone. In contrast, World War Heroes Mod APK game is set during WWII, making it stand out from other games in its genre. It gives you a taste of what the old days were like when it came to combat. Continue reading to learn more!


World War Heroes’ single-player campaign gives players an in-depth look at each country’s participation in World War 2. To attain this, they have to change perspectives and objectives to create a variety of equipment and unique discoveries to diversify their gameplay experience. Further, it has a profound storyline that provides insight into the value of war on a large scale.

Also, players can compete online against millions of other players worldwide in this free game’s multiplayer mode. Moreover, Vietnamese gamers will be able to play World War Heroes Mod APK game without issues due to its support for Vietnamese. A fierce battle in the world of Russia, the US, Japan, and Germany will expose players to seven legendary battle zones and four types of advanced combat equipment from these nations. Tank control is also available in this shooting game, unlike any other in other genres.

Compared to other FPS shooting games, World War Heroes Mod APK does not have a significant control method change. The experience screen includes all virtual keys for players to manipulate easily. Specifically, your character will move using the left side of the screen’s virtual steering wheel. Virtual keys on the right side permit you to throw grenades, zoom in, change your running posture, and so on. As you observe the mini map regularly, you will be able to identify the location of your teammates and enemies.

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Guns, knives, grenades, tanks, and even knives are more weapons in World War Heroes Mod APK. Weapons can be switched quickly between players, and enemies can be destroyed quickly. Every level collects gold, which can be used to upgrade and buy more powerful guns. The ability to have quality weapons on the battlefield is useful for many players because they are able to fight with more peace of mind when they bring quality weapons to the battlefield.

Features of World War Heroes Mod APK

Daily Rewards

Daily rewards are also available in this game, and you can receive them by playing them daily. To earn these rewards, you only need to play them daily. You should play this game frequently if you want to earn multiple unique rewards. This war game offers prizes like cash, weapons, and other goodies.

Game Modes

World War Heroes Mod APK has six game modes. The weapons take just one or two hits to kill enemies in Hardcore mode. The two teams will then engage in a team battle. At the end of the round, whichever team has the most points wins! Afterward, everyone fights each other in the Deathmatch! The number of points a player has determines their ranking. The Bomb Mode involves teams planting bombs and defusing them. Last but not least, there are two final modes: One-life Battle and Custom.


Despite it being set in the WW-II era, World War Heroes boasts cutting-edge graphics. Every 3D element you know today is utilized in this game. It has a perfectly designed environment, weapons, and characters for you to enjoy.

Daily Missions

It’s not easy to play these tough missions since they update daily, but you can also earn rewards for playing them. In this action war game, you will be able to win these missions by competing in these missions with your teams and completing them in the given time.

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Unlimited Ammos

During the simple version, you will be provided with limited ammo to use in combat, and afterward, you will have to find your enemies in the field. For this reason, here I am providing the World War Heroes Mod APK version that gives you Unlimited Ammos for free. You can use them to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Tons of Activities

Every player becomes more creative when he or she is faced with bizarre and chaotic battlefields in online matches. As well as the different scales used, the player is provided with a variety of battlefields to choose from, including trains moving, cities, and small villages. Additionally, some maps add a complex system of vehicles, such as tanks or transport vehicles, to make things more confusing.

Mod Info

  • world war heroes mod apk unlimited money
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Ads Free
  • High Aim Assist
  • One Hit Kill
  • Speed Multiplier
  • Unlimited Grenades
  • Unlimited Medkits
  • Increased Fire Rate
  • No Camera Shake
  • No Fall Damage
  • God Mode
  • Anti Kick


 Can we play World War Heroes Mod APK offline?

World War Heroes offline version runs well on any mobile device, whether it is a high-end device or one with a low configuration. It is possible to configure your device to run World War Heroes APK smoothly if you wish.

What is the max level in World War Heroes?

A card’s rarity determines its maximum upgrade level. The rarities are balanced so that all maxed-out cards, regardless of their rarity, are on the same “level.” Level 17 is the maximum level with which common cards can be obtained, 14 for rare cards and 11 for epic cards, and 7 for heroic cards.

Why do World War heroes keep crashing?

When you have multiple applications running at the same time in the background, you may not have enough storage space for them to run smoothly. Don’t install your game on a portable SD card; instead, install it on the device’s memory.

Final Thoughts

With World War Heroes Mod APK, you can become a soldier in World War 2. Using your mobile device, you will be able to enjoy the most authentic and vivid battles ever. It is important to keep that in mind as an online multiplayer shooting game. Thus, it is important that you have a constant and stable internet connection while you are enjoying the experience. You can enhance your fighting abilities by downloading the MOD version of our website.