Tiles Hop Mod APK v5.13.3 (Unlimited Money)

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Now you can play sweet melodies and can go rock with your newest character. If you are a fan of ever-green classic music or you want to listen to fast energetic music in your leisure hours. Then believe me Tiles Hop Mod APK will be a super surprise for you. So do not waste time and try to get the highest scores by making fusion and creating mashups.

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If you always dreamed to be a pianist or guitarist then welcome to the stage of Tiles Hop: EDM Rush premium mod APK here on this page. Your dream will come true with a single click on the below DOWNLOAD ICON. Therefore, get up music buddies and enjoy the thrill of beats and music symphony to the fullest.

An Overview of Tiles Hop: EDM Rush APK

AMANOTES has introduced this Tiles Hop Mod APK amazing game in a unique direction. The publisher undoubtedly has proven skill in the category of music games. Therefore, if you still have not tried it, then this is the time to give it a try. Tiles Hop Mod APK game is a combination of music and endless running. Therefore, you can have a taste of both in a single offer. Tile Hop offers you an avenue to listen to your favorite music while chasing a hopping ball on the tiles. The faster the ball, the higher pitch of the music you are creating.

Tiles Hop Mod APK Gameplay

Although Tiles Hop is a music game. However, it has elements of the fun of endless running like STREET CHASER MOD APK. But unlike street chasers you are not chasing any robber instead here is a naughty ball that will test your running stamina. Your task is to control the ball. To control the ball you can run backward, forward, left or right. Beware of not losing any tile otherwise, your scoreboard will display a sad sign.

Controlling the ball is not as easy as it sounds. Because the board of tiles is too colorful to keep the focus on the jumping ball. The design of each tile is different. Moreover, the color of the tiles is too bright or eye-friendly. In addition, as you go to a higher level, you have to face many bars and obstacles to jump over the tile. Further with every chapter, there are new difficulties you will face on your way.

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The nature of symphony and beats depends on the speed of your chase up. The louder is beat when you run and jump without break. Therefore, you need to be very fast and expert while trying to pass obstacles.

The gameplay for Tile Hop is straightforward. First, you need to Touch, Hold and Drag the jumping ball in your favourable direction. Second, you have an option to upload your favorite music to enjoy more. Download Similar Game Hop Tiles 3D Mod APK Having same Features.

A cool tip for excellent gameplay is that never miss a tile if you do not want to lose your points. This Tiles Hop crack mod APK is undoubtedly a blend of music and race. Therefore, your proper concentration is the key to being a successful player in this game.

Tiles Hope gives you two-dimensional entertainment which is why it is immensely popular among players. Therefore, the number of installs is approximately 100,000,000+.

Features of Tiles Hop Mod APK Premium

As you know Tile Hop is a music game with endless fun of running and chasing thus this is a two-fold fun. Anyhow Tiles Hop has many additional features, let’s explore the wonderful game from different angles.

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If you want to enjoy some specific songs according to your mood then do not worry. Tiles hop has an offer to upload your favorite songs. Therefore, you can upload your favorite music and can dance to your favorite beats.

One-touch control, easy to play

Furthermore, the gameplay is very simple. You need to click on a few tabs or go for a few screen strokes to avoid hurdles and chase the ball. Therefore, Tiles Hop Mod APK is undoubtedly a game for all. No special expertise or intelligence is the need for this game.

Breath-taking 3D graphics

3D graphics of tiles hope are excellent to enjoy. Moreover, the visuals and sound quality are just equal to a real-world concert. Whenever you try a new song or ball, you can enjoy a different background. The game is amazing with more than 20 backgrounds to make your every day a perfect day.

Have as many music balls as you want

Tiles Hop Mod APK with unlimited money has a good package of balls for you. Therefore, you can unlock balls with different shapes and colors, Further, you can also unlock different music every time.

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Dare your best friends for a challenge

Tiles Hop Mod APK game in multiplayer mode helps you invite your friends for contests. Therefore, you can challenge your friends. Moreover, you can share your record with Facebook friends. In addition, there is an opportunity to know your rank among worldwide friends, and compare it with players on the ranking list!

Tiles Hop mod APK for android and iOS offers you unlimited money. Therefore, you can unlock as many balls as you want. Further, you can upload music from your mobile at any time.

In addition, Tiles Hop Mod APK with no ads version saves you from any disturbance.

Players Reviews

  • The puppy kids

I’ll give it 5 stars for this game. I love doing endless mode. It gets faster and faster. But I wish more songs and balls can be added. It’s a very good game but in the endless mode it’s a little bit hard. The only thing that bothers me is the ads! Every time you click on a song, an ad pops up! Fix that please thanks.

  • Lady Lucidity

Great music, beautiful graphic details, and a fun platform. But

Final Remarks

Tiles Hop Mod APK is undoubtedly very enjoyable. The songs are great, and you will love the idea that you can put your own downloaded music as a level. Basically, the whole aspect of the game is very nice. In addition, the Tiles Hop Mod APK game plan is very smooth and highly intuitive.