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In the game Moon Pioneer Mod APK, you can set foot on the moon and create a new human milestone. There is a moon out there that you and your companions can explore together. We launch an exploration mission into space since all the energy on the planet has run out. Leaving the place where you lived for many years will be your task as an expedition leader. You must help the pioneers begin their new adventures and guide them to the moon. Like on Earth, your memory will be the basis for building everything. In moving to the resident moon, you lay the foundation for the future of everyone.

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VOODOO, one of the most famous developers, developed this arcade game. Space Sim is not Moon Pioneer Mod APK game; it’s more of a casual time killer. Create unique locations for mini-factories. Their fellow crew members, solar panels, and other energy sources provide them with the energy they need to work. A vast rocket will need to be refuelled to explore new worlds. The difficulty of completing the set task will increase each time. Although it takes more time, it is not difficult. As far as killing time is concerned, the game succeeds admirably.

In Moon Pioneer Mod APK game, you must use different items and machines, such as rockets, to reach the moon. To search for life there, you must collect a lot of resources. Developing new technologies and upgrading your buildings are some of the tasks in the game. This Moon Pioneer Mod APK can be downloaded from our website if you are interested and want to enjoy this game.


To replace the depleted life on Earth, you must find new life. Flying into space and landing on the moon is required to complete the mission. The perfect environment for people to live in requires not just the creation of resources but also the exploitation of those resources. Earth will benefit from your compensation by living longer and preparing for migration. It would help if you prepared well for the day humans set foot on the moon. Keep earthlings safe as you explore this planet. In Moon Pioneer Mod APK Join the army’s mission to survive the future as a pioneer.

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After landing on the planet, you have one astronaut and several barrels of oil. You aim to build a tower that periodically produces minerals using these barrels. After upgrading your base, proceed to the next step. An additional astronaut powering the oil rig by pedalling makes it run faster. A refining center on Moon Pioneer Mod APK should be used to refine the oil once it has been collected. Minerals will replace oil there. Oil and minerals are necessary for launching a rocket into space. You are the only one who can decide how to accomplish this task. Due to the Moon Pioneer Mod APK game’s nonlinear nature, the task can be accomplished in various ways.

The production needs to be automated and made more productive after erecting the primary set of buildings. Produce fruit by building a greenhouse. While your astronauts may initially think they are wasting their time pedalling without apples, they eventually stop exercising. Greenhouses are helpful in this situation. Contacting a vehicle builder is another exciting option. Your hero walks slowly and is very long on foot, as he walks on foot.

In order to travel faster around the planets, you can order a monowheel from your companion. Oil and minerals are also required for this improvement. To save time and energy in the future, you can invest in transportation in order to make life easier, or you can go to the next location instead. Similarly, the main buildings follow the same scheme. Resources and time are required to raise refineries and rigs to higher levels. You don’t have to do this. The level can be advanced immediately.

Features of Moon Pioneer Mod APK

Finding Different Resources

Getting to the moon with a few barrels will allow you and everyone else to find oil. Oil can only be extracted from the moon by you and your army. You will always be able to find fuel on the moon since it has never been mined. The moon can continuously grow as a second Earth since it is the fuel source. As well as returning oil to Earth, ships can transport it there, allowing the development to continue. Developing space requires a lot of oil to complete the mission. Your progress on the moon can be sped up by human assistance once you reach the moon.

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Mining Oil

As a first step and command, we allow you to collect oil in Moon Pioneer Mod Apk. Oil must be extracted as much as possible by you and your friends. Your unique bases will be built from this valuable resource. A safe haven is your top priority when you must wear heavy, exhausting clothes daily. A comfortable stay should follow each mission in the area.

Life on Moon

The quest to exploit the mysterious potential of many moons does not end there; you can also build many different factories, large and small. Thanks to the group, people can live and develop similarly to the Earth soon. Moreover, when the Earth slowly depletes due to these things, they add positive energy.

Explore Different Planets

There are a lot of planets and space to explore. You’ll have next-level fun as soon as you start playing this Moon Pioneer Mod Apk game. Our modern technologies will be explained to you. Taking help is necessary for many things, such as visiting other planets with Rocket. Take advantage of this chance to have fun with space, and don’t waste time playing other games.

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Build the Foundation

Having a barren planet requires renovation for life to thrive on it. You and your army will be provided with the necessary buildings for survival. With your hands and everyone else’s, you and everyone else will construct each structure on the planet. When people travel to the moon from Earth, they will take refuge there. The new planet will have a life support system shortly after being discovered and developing life on Earth and living on it in a promising future. The foundation you build will help this peaceful planet thrive similarly to how humans live on Earth.

Tons of Items

In Moon Pioneer Mod APK game, you can unlock quite a few items in the shop that you will need on other planets. You will be suggested an item whenever you need one. This item must be unlocked before it can be placed on the planet. You will have to work hard to achieve your goals as a team and individually. You can also download Tiles Hop mod APK from our site as well.

Mod Info

  • Accelerate Production
  • Ads Free
  • No Tired
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Free Rewards
  • Mega Menu
  • Latest Version
  • Unlimited Oil
  • Free
  • Unlimited Money


 How to get silver in Moon Pioneer Mod APK?

 The bridge on your farmland must be repaired to get silver ore. There are 15 pieces of lumber needed for repairing the bridge. There is an ore that can be mined in the silver rocks in the mine. In Moon Pioneer Mod APK You can find more silver ore as you go deeper into the second mine, which has only 30 floors.

Final Thoughts

The moon is Earth’s satellite in search of future life. Taking your army to the moon on a train will be your mission. Everyone will need to build structures similar to those found on Earth. The space will become a hive of activity with each facility erected. It will be surprising to see how much oil there is on the moon, and we need to discover new planets. In Earth’s depletion, you can quickly locate them. Exploring new planets and building new habitats for humanity is made possible with Moon Pioneer Mod APK.