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Music lovers are familiar with the Spotify app. It is ranked as the number one app for music lovers with over 60 million users. The premium version has over 15 million subscribers, which is the highest of any music platform. However, the Spotify Premium MOD APK allows you to use the premium version for free.

Spotify Premium MOD APK app allows you to stream different genres of music and listen to thousands of songs from various artists. You can also listen to podcasts and recorded shows, apart from the music.

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Additionally, you can gain access to top-rated songs and informative podcasts through the premium version.

The description of Spotify Premium MOD APK

Spotify is the ruling app in the music category. It provides stunning music and has over 40 million songs. Spotify Premium MOD APK app gets regular updates, so you never miss out on any new songs with your Spotify account.

The user interface of the app is very convenient to use. You can search for different songs by only entering the title or the artist’s name, and the song will pop up. The search box can also be expanded to show all the results.

Spotify plans have competitors like Apple Music, Pandora, and more. However, the app offers a lot more diversity and has a larger music store with every music genre. You can listen to songs from Pop to Hard Rock and more.

The free version gives the user very less flexibility. It plays songs in shuffle mode, so the user does not have the freedom to play songs on their own. The shuffled songs are arranged according to your search pattern. Therefore, you end up with songs that you might like even if they are shuffled.

The difference in the Services

The Spotify Premium MOD APK is the free version that has premium features unlocked. However, in the regular app, you have to pay money to access the premium features. The primary difference between the two is the quality of services offered. There is also a Spotify student package, and you can use Spotify redeem codes for free premium trials.

The premium version lists songs according to your likes/ dislikes based on your listening history. The Spotify Premium MOD APK version is also free of any ads. Hence, you can listen to songs without being interrupted.

You can choose between streaming qualities in the premium version. Moreover, the back sound quality has four different options to choose from, which include high-quality audio, low, normal, high, and lastly extreme. The extreme option is not available for Spotify’s free users.

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You can listen to and download your favorite songs in the premium APK version. There is no need for an internet connection all the time to be able to listen to your favorite songs. Furthermore, the Spotify plan for students offers a 50 percent discount when subscribing to the premium package. So, groove to your songs without paying a huge amount. You can also Download KaraFun Mod APK from our site as well.

Spotify Premium APK Features

Spotify is a one-in-a-million app. But what makes the app so extraordinary and different from other music apps? Read on to know more about its unique features and what makes the app stand out.


Spotify Premium MOD APK app features an in-built equalizer. It helps the user set the sound quality at a pitch that suits them best. You can adjust the bass level and neutralize the high notes during listening to a song or a podcast.

Track Your History

If you want to listen to an old song but can’t remember its name, then you can always look it up in history. Spotify Premium MOD APK app stores your music history and makes it easier for you to access your songs.

Skip Unlimited Songs

Spotify Premium MOD APK gives the user liberty to skip as many songs as they like. However, this option is not available for free APK users.

Search Bar

The search bar is located at the top, which makes it easier for the user to search for their favorite songs. You can search through thousands of playlists, podcasts, artists, and much more.


You can store your top picks from Spotify Premium MOD APK app and catalog them in a library. Create stunning playlists and store songs that you listen to frequently using the library.

Avoid the Shuffle Option

The free Spotify APK version shuffles songs. The songs played might contradict your mood, but you can do nothing about it unless you have the premium APK version. This version allows you to shuffle and listen to songs yourself.

Spotify Premium Mod APK with offline download

 FAQs about Spotify – The #1 Music App for Android

Is Spotify Mod APK safe to use?

Spotify Premium MOD APK app and the installation files are safe to use. You can download the files without fear of any virus or malicious software sneaking into your device. You can also get Spotify premium cracked pc.

Can we use Spotify without logging in?

Yes, you can use Spotify without logging in, but the experience is limited. You can listen to a limited number of playlists on shuffle mode and ads will be played frequently. To access the full range of features and to create your own playlists, you need to sign up for a free account or a premium subscription.

Can I keep on using the original version with Spotify APK?

No, the original Spotify has to be uninstalled to access the Spotify mod app.


Spotify APK is a great app when it comes to listening to top songs. The service is impressive, and the features of Spotify Premium MOD APK app are excellent. It is very secure to use as your data stays safe.

Moreover, you can use the app easily due to its friendly user interface. Steam high-quality 320 kbps music without any ads interrupting your jam session. Download the Mod APK version now and beat to your top songs.