Planes of Eros Mod APK v1.7.49 (Unlimited Resources)

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Planes of Eros Mod APK is a unique themed game with smooth gameplay. It is based on a guy in love who finds his passion by going through different planes to go to his own plane. It offers multiple features to its players, such as stunning 3d animated graphics, easy to understand interface, smooth gameplay, and much more. 

Planes of Eros Mod Version

Moreover, the modified version increases the enjoyment and adventures in the game by providing premium features free of cost. Planes of Eros Mod APK contain for gamers to ease multiple free resources, unlimited money, gold, coins, and much more.

The gameplay of Planes of Eros Mod APK

In Planes of Eros Mod APK, you get a lead role in which you will have to navigate through many airplanes to reach your goal, which is a girl stuck in danger. The game features adult graphics and content, so anyone above 18 is quite suitable for playing it, but it is not recommended for children.

planes of eros apk

You can enjoy the gameplay without annoying ads or any interruptions. So, download Planes of Eros Mod APK for android’s latest version, 2023, with unlimited money and gems to experience smooth gameplay. This article discussed in-depth details of the Planes of Eros Mod, features, pros, cons, gameplay, and storyline, for getting information read on.

About Planes of Eros Game

The role-playing strategic game Planes of Eros mature fantasy-themed game is developed by Kapitoloyo Studio and published by Nutaku Publishing. The game was released on September 19, 2018, for both android and browsers. Containing millions of downloads and positive reviews, the game is trendy. The game’s theme is taken from the goddess “Eros” who created multiple planes to provide peace to everyone.

Planes of Eros Storyline

Eros is the goddess who created multiple planes to provide people with a peaceful and lovely domestic life. It includes aircraft such as Haqua, logos, the plane of air, fire, earth, water, and the plane of light. In Planes of Eros Mod APK game, you have to join as a fated partner, and your journey starts to defeat the evil goddess Belial. She wants to conquer the world and destroy the habitats, but she needs help to do something. Build an exciting team and play different levels of games to become conquerors. Using your analytical thinking, you must save the world and get benefits.

Planes of Eros Mod APK Gameplay

Playing Planes of Eros Mod APK, the role-playing strategic project, I was engaged in intimate self-employment as a main character of the game. Arriving at a new place, I received exciting information that I had to play the commander of the young ladies. They need a coach or guide to get success against dangerous evils. I had to recommend them to save the world from sin; for this, I was awarded. Beyond this, there are various exciting events, close meeting series, addictive battles, and more. All the levels of games are based on adult content, so those under thirteen keep away from it. You can also Download Cyberika Mod APK from our site as well.

Features of Planes of Eros Mod APK

The mod version of the Planes of Eros Mod APK offers unlimited gems, coins, and diamonds for free. In addition, you can also get various other features unlocked that are premium, and you have to pay for them. Install the Planes of Eros mod APK and enjoy. Some noteworthy mod features are listed below. Please have a look at it.

Planes of Eros MOD apk v1.7.49 (Hack MOD Money)

Unlimited Money & Coins

Getting unlimited benefits helps you reach your goal as fast as possible. Also, unlimited coins allow you to choose your airplanes with all benefits.

Infinite lives

Infinite lives are necessary when you are trying to rescue a girl in danger. Achievement of your goal needs continuity of games which is possible with the help of long and infinite life.

Advertisement removed

No annoying ads repeatedly turn up to disturb you and your focus. This ad-free game saves your time and enhances your focus. 

Smooth Gameplay

There are no ups and downs or difficulty downloading and installing the APK. You only need a single click; the game is on your PC. 

Free to download

You can download it free from our website, all you need to do is press the download button, and you are all set to enjoy its benefits.


  • Free to download
  • Stunning graphics
  • Charismatic gameplay
  • Unique storyline


  • Based on adult content, and is not suitable for children who are under thirteen.


We covered the detail of Planes of Eros mod APK in this guide, and it will be worth it for you. Planes of Eros Mod APK game is available in different languages, but the good news is that you can play it in English. It is an android friendly and light weighted game. So, download Planes of Eros Mod APK for android’s latest version and experience the love of domestic life.

Planes of Eros Mod APK 1.7.49 (Unlimited Money) Download


Is the Plane of Eros Mod safe?

Yes, the mod link available on our site is a hundred percent safe and virus free. It will never damage your devices.

Can children play this game?

No, its content is unsuitable for children under thirteen because a good portion of all seasoned content is based on adult content.