Hungry Dragon Mod APK v5.2 (Unlimited Money And Gems)

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There are a ton of simulation games available online, and many people find it to be quite fascinating because there is no need to engage in a lot of fights and battles and you can just play the game as usual with no tension at all.

One such game is the Hungry Dragon Mod APK, where you have to look after small dragons that are in your care and make sure they are completely at ease and comfortable while with you.

However, there will also be some action-packed missions where you must train your dragon to battle the enemies. Hungry Dragon Mod APK offers you many exciting and engaging features. Hungry Dragon Mod APK game is certainly very addictive and you will not get bored once you download it.

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk Download Latest Version

Game Overview of Hungry Dragon Mod APK 2023

In the action game Hungry Dragon APK, you play as a dragon with a never-ending appetite who is on a quest to satisfy it. There are many dragons in the game and each different dragon that you may control in the game have special skills and upgrades.

Dark dungeons, cold mountains, and beautiful forests are just a few of the game’s diverse landscapes. You will face many obstacles, like escaping traps and avoiding hazards, as you go through the stages.

Furthermore, you can eat historical creatures to satisfy the dragon’s hunger because the entire environment of the game is set in ancient settings. A variety of upgrades and power-ups can be unlocked to help you become stronger and eat larger prey.

Overall, Hungry Dragon APK delivers exhilarating gameplay and stunning visuals. It offers a distinctive and engrossing gaming experience by giving the endless runner genre a classical spin.

Storyline Of Hungry Dragon Mod APK Unlimited Money And Gems Latest Version

You’ll be on the edge of your seat playing this game. The missions are constantly changing, providing fresh, challenging tasks that put your dragon abilities to the test.

You begin the game as a little dragon with few skills. However, when you eat your prey and gather the scattered jewels on the landscape, you can upgrade and open up new dragons with stronger abilities.

In Hungry Dragon Mod APK, quickness is key. Your score will increase if you fly and eat more quickly. Beware of traps and barriers, though, since they could slow you down or even stop your feeding frenzy.

As you continually strategize and adjust to each new task, this complexity heightens the excitement and thrill of the game. Eat as much as you can to develop into the ultimate Hungry Dragon.

Features of Hungry Dragon Mod APK New Version

Beautiful Numerous Dragons 

There are a lot of fascinating and frightful dragons in Hungry Dragon Mod APK. This game is packed with exhilarating and adventurous experiences.

Fire-breathing dragons come in a wide variety of exciting forms. The game is so exciting and colorful because of these fire-breathing dragons.

Train Dragons 

You can control and train the flying of dragons in Hungry Dragon Mod APK thanks to its slick, easy-to-use controls. You will like playing this game because of the game’s incredibly detailed and user-friendly controls, which are very sensitive and easy to operate. These controls allow you to manage a dragon’s flight. In the game, you can fly the dragons up and down and around.

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk [Unlimited money]

Unique powers 

Hungry Dragon Mod APK game includes unique abilities like invincibility and the capacity to call forth a storm. To complete tasks and rule the medieval/ancient world, use these special powers intelligently.

Collection of Unique and Exotic Pets 

In Hungry Dragon APK, pets have more purposes than only as pets. These exotic animals can help you with missions and have particular skills like healing or increased firepower.

From tiny creatures like cats and bats to enormous giants like dragons and elephants, you can acquire a variety of pets. They will battle with you, adding a strategic element to the gameplay. To get the most out of your animal companions, make sure you continuously train and improve them. With their assistance, you may easily eat your way through the medieval era and establish yourself as the supreme Hungry Dragon.

Ancient/Medieval Settings

There is a lot to explore and learn in the expansive feudal world. Each environment features gorgeous graphics, vivid colors, and exquisite design. You may fly above rural communities, ominous fortresses, and settlements. Prepare for a feast as you devour knights, peasants, and even structures in your way when you spot a collection of human settlements.

Numerous Costumes

There are numerous fascinating and intriguing dragon outfits accessible in the game Hungry Dragon Mod Apk. The Dragon may fly farther or eat better thanks to this costume. The game is very thrilling and beautiful thanks to these enhancements and the numerous Dragon costumes.

Unlimited Money Bonuses And Lives

With this MOD APK version of Hungry Dragon, you can get unlimited in-game and many bonuses money without having to work for it or pay for it. To make the game easier and more enjoyable, use these gems and cash to unlock dragons, skins, and power-ups. Also, you’ll get unlimited lives that help you continue your missions.

My Personal Review: 

The game hungry dragon mod apk is a thrilling and exciting game with lots of unique and fascinating features. This role-playing game where you control and train dragons in order to become the ultimate game-winner offers you a lot of entertainment. The most amazing feature of this version is that you get an unlimited amount of money, bonuses, and lives. With limitless money, you can buy as many costumes and upgrades as you want and with unlimited lives, you can continue playing your missions without the fear of getting destroyed by your enemy.

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk (Unlimited Money and Gems)


In Hungry Dragon Mod APK game, you have the chance to take on the role of a dragon and rule the other players by devouring everything in your path. Forests, cities, and villages are all included. You just need to eat to fill your appetite. Additionally, you can buy different attires and unlock about 100 different dragons to help you level up. You have the additional benefit of having endless money with Hungry Dragon Mod Apk, allowing you to buy anything you want from the store without worrying about the price. Download it! You won’t regret doing it.


  • Is the Hungry Dragon Mod APK safe to download? 

Yes, the game Hungry Dragon Mod APK is safe to download on your mobile devices and tablets.

  • Does the mod APK version provide unlimited money?

The mod apk version of hungry dragon provides unlimited money with many bonuses and unlimited lives as well. You can use the money to make any purchases.

  • Can the game be played offline?

You can play the Hungry Dragon Mod APK game online as well as offline.