Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK v1.0.76.18 Unlimited Gems

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Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK revolves around a strong story and a strategy-based genre. The game belongs to several genres that provide an amazing gaming experience. It starts with building an entire civilization from scratch. You can choose through 11 different options to set up a civilization in the game. After setting out your civilization, your next job is to set up your troops to start building and fighting for your civilization.

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You have to remember that the best strategy helps you win the game. Evaluate your next moves and plan an efficient battle strategy to help your civilization prosper.

The Gameplay

Rise of Kingdoms has great gameplay. The controls in the game are very straightforward. They offer a great battle experience and an even better relaxing session. The game’s basic story is based on three playing fields in which there are different civilizations. These divisions are known as the kingdom of Minas Morgul, the kingdom of Orthanc, and the kingdom of Aragorn.

Your objective in the game is to protect your civilization from enemy forces. It means assembling and planning an ambush attack on your enemies while defending yourself. To plan attacks efficiently you need a strong commanding force.

You can upgrade your fortresses and infrastructure to defend your civilization. Also, train troops and apply strategies to win battles and repel attacks from your enemies. you also have the freedom to define your race. So, prepare yourself as you embark on a thrilling journey of stunning battles and help your troops defend themselves.

Players can download the game for any IOS or Android phone, so prepare to fight a thrilling battle and enjoy amazing features in the game. You can also Download Rise of Empires Mod APK from our site as well.

Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK Features

Rise of Kingdoms APK is an epic modified version of the original game that is a fusion of fierce battles and an amazing virtual battle experience. The game is supported by real-time battles and stunning graphics with great sound.

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Epic Battles with Foes

This game is designed for players who love battling experiences. You can play with other players online at any time. Assist commanders in your army by sending over troops to beat your enemies. Moreover, you can also execute ambush attacks on other civilizations.

Battle Online

Win battles to get your name imprinted on the kingdom’s history. You can also set out your troops and design efficient plans that will help you defeat the other side.

Building Civilizations

You have 11 civilizations that you can choose to develop, each having its unique quality. Every civilization is designed differently, with each having its advantages and disadvantages. You can decide on a civilization using factors like its architecture, fortresses, units, and more.

Hero Characters

Call upon your favorite historical characters to help you beat foes and attain victory in every battle. In the rise of kingdoms mod APK, you can choose from one of the 34 hero options available and assemble an army. Also, incorporate efficient strategies in your gameplay and takeover every playfield.

Explore the three Kingdoms

Assemble your army and spread them to discover the unexplored places in the kingdom. Discover hidden treasure and help troops uncover the mysteries within the land. Rise of Kingdoms environment is covered with a dense haze surrounding unexplored areas.

Train Your Troops

After choosing your hero, gather an army. Your main focus is to recruit troops and train them. Protect your troops and teach them what to do and how to defend their civilization. Please use the player card and global card in the game, as it is a map that helps you explore unseen areas.

Use Gems Efficiently

Rise of Kingdoms depends on gems to upgrade features and troops. One of your top goals is to gather as many precious gems as possible. These gems are very hard to find in the game and thus hold a lot of value.

Leveling up helps to collect gems faster. When you reach VIP level 6 in the game, the real fun begins. After reaching this level, you don’t need as many gems as before. This is where you should start buying action and speed up potions to enjoy more benefits.

Join Alliances

Joining alliances is an important aspect of the game. Joining the best alliance increases the strength of your account as you get high power-ups and more upgrades. Follow the game’s basic instructions to make your way toward joining an alliance.

Embark on Quests

If you want to strengthen your civilization more, quests are a great way. You can earn money through quests and upgrade buildings in your civilization. Get a guide on building a strong civilization through these quests.

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Unlimited Gems

You get unlimited gems with this heck version for Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK. Having access to an unlimited amount of gems is very helpful as the whole game depends on it. Gems are used to buy upgrades, power-ups, resources, and much more in the game. So, with unlimited gems, you can buy almost everything.

Everything Unlocked

The modded version of the game has everything unlocked for free. This means you can access all the premium features for free in the game without paying for anything. Enjoy a great battle experience with unlimited gems and power-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK file not on Google Play Store?

The Mod APK files violate the copyright rules set out by the Play Store. This is why players cannot download the game from the Google Play Store.

How to install the APK version of the game?

Start by enabling downloads from unknown resources in your phone’s settings. Then, click on the downloaded APK file and wait for it to install.


This article details everything you need to know about the Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK. The game is a great way to pass your time and have a relaxing session. Make sure to download the latest version of the game now and enjoy building a civilization.