Office Fever MOD APK 6.1.16 (Unlimited Money)

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Every once has the dream to be a businessman and lead the employees under you, so this game is here for you. Office Fever MOD APK latest version 2023 is a business game. The game is very interesting and challenging.

You will start this game with a small office. You have to make a big company and hire many employees who will work in your under. After beginning the office work, you will collect and distribute documents to employees.

Office Fever MOD APK game is designed to show you the perfection of office work and what employees do in the office. You will play this game like a professional office worker. And will earn much of the money.

You have to clear a lot of the levels in this game. After Completing the levels, locked machines and many things will be unlocked, and you can purchase them. Although getting the profit, you have to pay off your employees working at you.

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In Office Fever MOD APK, many features are provided which make the game more interesting to you. You can upgrade your office in a very short time, you can customize your character as well, and you can get unlimited money and employees for the work.


You will start with the company with 2 of the employees. After distributing the documents to the employees, you will collect the money when they have done the work. You can hire more employees to make a big company with the money.

In Office Fever MOD APK game, you can also upgrade the speed of your character and your employees. After increasing the speed, you can work quickly and earn many more. But you can just upgrade your speed by using money. In the original version, you will see the ads for making money, but in the mod, you have the ads-free version.

Moreover, you can purchase many other printing machines for faster work and a coffee machine in your office so your employees can drink it, be fresh, and do hard work for your company. You can also Download Cafeland Mod APK from our site as well.

Features of Office Fever MOD APK

Manage your company

You can play a ton of amazing games now on your smartphone. You may Download Office Fever Mod APK unlimited money if you enjoy playing video games. This simulation enables you to take pleasure in running your own business.

Here, you can complete various paperwork tasks to increase your income. In a business, many things happen, and you will manage many of them here. You’ll be in charge of running things and growing your business.

Unlock Levels

In Office Fever MOD APK many levels are locked. After using the mod feature, you can unlock all the features and enjoy all the levels easily.

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No Ads

No interruption of ads during the gameplay which is a great thing.

Hiring Employees

The employee hiring features greatly assist you in keeping your office workload under control once your business is profitable and successful. After that, to maintain your employees’ interest in their tasks, you must make your payments on schedule. They will become lethargic if you don’t pay them on time.

Unlock Machinery

In Office Fever MOD APK game, you can unlock proper machinery to produce more papers. As with free workers, they can be unlocked using money. You can unlock a tone of equipment here to grow your business! Playing Office Fever MOD APK game right now is enjoyable because it allows you to enjoy various activities.

Grow Company Size

Players that join Office Fever MOD APK will launch a modest firm from scratch before growing everything with the money they earn. More specifically, 200 coins will be given to you as starting money for this game.

You may buy a table or a printer with this cash. Because there aren’t many employees at first, you’ll have a lot of work to accomplish.

Show Management Skills

Office Fever MOD APK requires you to completely exhibit your leadership abilities if you want to get the greatest results. You often need to make good decisions to balance the number of assignments and employees and improve work performance.

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Every choice you make will directly affect how the business develops. As a result, you ought to think carefully before taking any action.

Get the Maximum Profit

You will invest all of your leisure time playing Office Fever MOD APK. There isn’t a definite hierarchy of levels or chapters in which the whole gameplay is included. A full workplace will be made available, with dozens of slots to unlock and upgrade. It’s up to you to outfit it to make the most money possible.

Your financial situation will be your biggest obstacle, after which you won’t be able to accomplish anything. Keep in mind that there are just a few location templates, but you can discover something fresh on each office floor. Hire a manager to correctly allocate cash flows or an HR professional who can help you identify new hires.


As you know, Office Fever MOD APK game is about building your company professionally, and big for this, you will work smart and hire employees.

We hope you like reading this article about Office Fever MOD APK. If you want to ask any of the questions related to this mod. We will be glad to respond to you. Read others to find many more exciting mods.