Days After Mod APK 10.6.1 (Free Craft, Immortality, Max Durability)

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Humanity suffers extremely terrible consequences as a result of the apocalypse. This tragedy can best be understood by looking at Days After Mod APK. Be able to survive by performing missions for yourself. There is much more danger and difficulty in dealing with the zombie apocalypse. However, human survival is impossible without the desire to survive. Everything returns to zero if a small mistake is made. You cannot save humanity. For this tragedy alone to be survived, any means should be taken. Fighting will definitely require force on my part.

Furthermore, make sure you do all you can to ensure your character’s safety. Days After Mod APK can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store as well as the App Store. The game, therefore, can be downloaded easily and experienced by players. Is Days After Mod APK game thrilling as you battle for survival? If yes, then you can download it right now and try it out. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a variety of exciting missions and storylines while playing the fun simulation game. A variety of interesting events with unique themes will refresh your survival gameplay.

Days After MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Free Craft)

In addition, Days After Mod APK game does not only feature zombies as a threat. You can also be attacked and killed by wild animals. To fight with the zombies, you should get different weapons. Additionally, you can select your hero and create a military base. As well as customizing your hero, you can also create your own.


This survival shooter game for mobile devices is called Days After Zombie Survival Game Apocalypse War APK. There have been many Zombie invasions in the wild environment the players are playing in. Create a strong fortress to defend yourself against the zombies by downloading the game to your device together. Those who can afford to survive the challenges here are embarking on a survival journey. Moreover, a combination of surviving in the wilderness and fighting zombies puts the character in a difficult situation. You must survive in the wilderness after zombies destroy humanity. While surviving in such an environment, gathering the necessary resources and crafting tools is imperative. These items will be necessary when fighting zombies, building bases, and collecting weapons.

As well as the living dead, wild animals, and other people pose a danger in Days After APK. You will be robbed of supplies by bandits. By attacking your own, you eliminate the threat rather than waiting for them to attack. It is impossible to survive without food, so looking for it takes on a very important role. Here, compassion is out of the question. Your base will either be captured, or they will defeat you. Moreover, keep in mind that survival is your primary goal. So Take precautions. During darker times of the day, build a shelter. Look through other survivors’ diaries. Save the protagonist by exploring dozens of locations. So, completing tasks will reward you. You should raid the outposts of bandits when you reach a sufficient level of strength. The spread of the virus that caused such sad consequences is revealed in greater detail through this method.

Furthermore, if you are going on a challenging trip, don’t leave too far from the base in Days After Mod APK. A thirsty, hungry, and infected character faces many conditions in this emulator-designed game. To learn survival tips and methods, pick up the diaries of those who weren’t as fortunate. In addition, players can explore mysterious infection stories by raiding outposts and stealing items. You’ll receive rewards as you complete missions that will help you survive. If the player does not turn around when approaching the ruins of civilization, they can be killed at any time by the Zombie forces. As players explore the world of zombies, they can collect powerful weapons that will help them to survive.

Features of Days After Mod APK

Remember the Rule of Survival

Moreover, it is necessary to have a lot of experience and skills in order to make items in this world to survive zombies. Collect everything on the face. Someone could have left behind an object like a stone or a stick. It is possible to create anything with them. Stone and wood will initially be used for axe-making. Our ability to craft more important things depends on our experience after a period of survival. Survival on your own will, at some point, require weapons.

Build the Base

In addition, Survival is a challenge, and you have to save lives in harsh conditions. Find water, wood, metal, and food while exploring the vast open world. Create tools, weapons, and clothing as needed. Maintain the main character’s temperature, prevent hypothermia, and avoid hunger and thirst. Besides, defend your house from other players/monsters by using traps and automatic turrets. Research activities will be available, and survivors’ diaries will be found. You can also Download Prison Empire Tycoon Mod APK  from our site as well.

Collect Unique Heroes

It is up to players to choose which hero they want to join the war with before officially joining. There are different colors among the heroes. Get ready to enter a unique battle by strengthening yourself to the max. It is your responsibility to ensure humanity’s survival. Because mistakes can result in terrible consequences, you should limit your mistakes as much as possible.

Days After APK for Android Download

Improve the Team’s Spirit

Players from around the world can connect to Days After Mod APK through an internet connection. In your adventure, you will therefore have the opportunity to meet other survivors. They can attack and steal valuable items from you, so you must be very careful. Food, weapons, and an accompanying role can be shared if they are friendly.

Multiple Character

Furthermore, a female or male character can be chosen as the main character in Days After Mod APK. In addition, you can explore the game’s supporting characters later on. In this captivating storyline, you’ll find out more about war veterans who left diaries. Learn how each character survived by reading the diaries.

Complete Mission and Challenges

Besidies, to win rewards in Days After, you must explore and play in various locations across the open world. A zombie apocalypse is sweeping across the globe in a PvE survival game. So, you must develop your fighting and shooting skills for survival and complete quests. Your abilities will be improved, and you will be able to survive longer by completing these missions.

Collect Weapons

Also, Days After Mod APK lets you build your own weapons and bases. From roadside wooden sticks to sophisticated guns, we have the basics to the most advanced weapons. Besides helping you fight back against your enemies, military bases also provide significant life-saving protection. Keep your life intact until the end.

Graphic and Sound 

An intense soundtrack and sound design are integral to any zombie survival game. Days After Mod APK game is less enjoyable without graphics and sounds. The game’s graphics and sound will help you enjoy the thrill of the Days After Mod APK game. Moreover, with high-quality graphics, minute details can be seen clearly. There are settings that can be adjusted to suit your needs when it comes to graphics. On a high-end smartphone, however, the visual experience becomes stunning, which makes the gameplay more enjoyable.

Mod Info

  • One Hit Kill
  • Latest Version
  • Fast Travel
  • Ads Free
  • Dumb Enemy
  • No Hunger
  • No Thirst
  • Unlimited Everything
  • No Infection
  • Mod menu
  • Dumb enemy
  • Free craft (only works with some items)
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping

Days After Mod Apk [Free purchase]


Question 1: Can we play the Days After Mod APK game on PC?

Answer: Developed by REACT GAMES STUDIO LIMITED, Days After Mod APK Survival Games is a simulation game. For an immersive gaming experience on your PC or Mac, you should use the BlueStacks app player to play this on your PC.

Question 2: What kind of game is it Days After Mod APK?

Answer: There are stray dogs and allies to be found in a typical zombie game style. There are no shortcomings in any aspect of companionship. Occasionally, these perks seem to outweigh the challenges in the game because it wants players to succeed at all costs.

Question 3: How to level up on the Days After Mod APK game?

Answer: The quest system in Days After Mod APK Survival Games is the main method of progressing. You earn experience points by completing quests. Leveling up your character unlocks more furniture and items in the crafting menu, earning more XP.

Final Thoughts

Through what it owns, Days After Mod APK promises incredible survival moments. As far as zombies are concerned, this game does a good job of portraying them. An authentic survival experience is created when players play the game. At night, the scary Zombies will attack the players, so players must take action before they attack them. Can you survive this journey to the end? Give the most accurate answer now by joining the game.