Proton Bus Simulator Road Mod APK 174.99 [Premium Members]

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These gaming apps are never set back and relax. They bring new and unique professions into their games to bring maximum fun and joy to the targeted audience. Proton bus simulation road Mod Apk is one of them. It brings joy to the players by introducing the bus-driving profession.

Proton Bus Simulator Road simulates the tasks in the bus-driving profession. Further, it has a few challenges to face while picking up passengers, dropping them to their designation, and getting rewards.

Proton Bus Simulator Road (MOD, Unlimited Money)

It’s a good idea to be a bus driver for a day and experience all the challenges.

Proton Bus Simulator Road Mod Apk: Overview

The Proton bus simulator road Mod Apk is the Pro version of the Proton bus Simulator Road Apk, which is free of cost. It is an Android game that you can enjoy on your devices.

This game is about experiencing bus driving; you will get a reward at the end of each task. It helps us learn how hard this profession is; imagine controlling a massive bus with a safe speed limit, but simultaneously, you must transport passengers to the given location.

Picking passengers, riding on all the bumpy roads, and facing challenges like rush, heavy traffic, etc., sounds challenging, right? It would be more difficult so it would improve the managing skills of the players.

Additional information:

App name Proton Bus Simulator Road Mod APK
Version 174.99
Update on 2023-11-06
Size 569.05 MB
Mod Information All Content Unlocked, Unlimited Money.
Developer MEP PBSR
Category Simulation

Features of Proton Bus Simulator Road Mod APK:

Here are the fantastic features mentioned below; let’s see if they are convincing enough to make you download the game:

Passenger’s Safety:

The safety of every passenger on board is the responsibility of a bus driver. To safely deliver them and pick them up, using brakes at the right time; everything matters and comes under the safety procedure of the passengers.

Avoiding risk is the most crucial point in terms of passenger safety. It would help to focus on the road to prevent any serious accidents.

The Right Path:

A map is given in the game. It depends on your skills and driving ability to choose the right road. Initially, a simple road is good to move on, but once you mature, experience driving on the highways or rocky roads. Every challenge you face helps you get through something and improve your skills, and every lesson a player experiences while facing a challenge is worth experiencing.

Control of the Bus:

The control of the bus seems so real. You can have a different angle from inside the bus as a first person. You can also enjoy the third-person view of the bus; back, front, and overall bus view.

Besides, a full-featured bus is waiting; you can quickly learn its control and changes according to your need, like wheel and tilt steering, adjusting the bus speed by moving pedals and brakes. Isn’t it cool that you can adjust the lighting and signaling of the bus while driving?


The realism of the game is mainly upon the graphics of the system. The more accurate the illustrations of the 3D buildings, roads, and vehicles, the more it feels real. By following maps, you will meet some new realistic features and get an incredible ride to many different types of roads.

Sound Effects:

Along with the graphics, the system’s sound effects play a significant role in the game’s realism and in engaging its players. You can also download Trainz Simulator 3 Mod APK from our page as well.

Proton bus simulator road Mod Apk v.174.70 has fantastic sound effects for the vehicles and other elements that enhance the system’s quality.

Offline Game:

Yes, you can play Proton Bus Simulator Road Mod APK game offline. Enjoy driving and other activities offline, and you can save your upgrading manually, so once you are back online, you can synchronize it.

Proton Bus Simulator Road Mod Apk [Free purchase]

Save the Game:

You can save the game at any driving stage and choose the other road map. There are multiple saves at a time. So whenever you enter the contest, choose any saved games and start playing. Whether you want to ride on an easy or hilly road, it’s up to you because it’s all saved.

Customize It:

You can customize your game according to you. You can customize the buses, skins, maps, people, etc.; the 3D effect and quality system also change. So enjoy the drive on your customized gameplay. You can also adjust the number of vehicles parked, boarding passengers, and cars on the road like everything within the scenario is in your control.

What else do we want? Except for the control right.

Mod Feature:

These are the exciting mod features, so If you are still deciding to download the game, mod features will thoroughly satisfy you.

Content Unlocked:

All the features in the games are unlocked, like buses, road maps, vehicles, etc. And you don’t have to pay for it. It is entirely free. That’s the best part of playing the MOD APK game.


There is no appearance of unnecessary ads; it’s free in the Mod APK version.

How to Download Proton Bus Simulator Road Mod Apk?

Following are the simple steps to download the gaming app:

  1. Enable the Unknown Source.
  2. Download the given link to the game.
  3. Once it is downloaded, save the file.
  4. Click on the downloaded file and install it.
  5. Once the installation is complete, open the game and be a bus driver.

What’s New?

The latest Proton bus simulator, Mod Apk v.174.70 , used the Brazilian city effect. It would feel like riding a bus in a Brazilian city with all the content unlocked. They are freely available. You don’t have to pay for them.

Proton Bus Simulator Road Mod Apk (Speed Hack)


Q: Is it Safe to Play Proton Bus Simulator Road Mod Apk?

Yes, playing and downloading the game is entirely safe because there are different soft wares to detect bugs and viruses.

Q: Can We Download the Proton Bus Simulator Road Mod Apk on PC?

You can download the proton bus simulator road Mod Apk on PC through LD Player. It’s an Android emulator.


The above material is convincing to download the proton bus simulator road Mod Apk, enjoy the happy bus driving, and get to know this profession. It’s a fun game to play, it will take you to the roads of Brazilian cities and highways, and you can master the skills if you play it more and enjoy its Mod and other features for free.